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by So Soaked

Wicked 01:31
OH, I GET WICKED! OH, I GET WICKED! OH, WICKED! OH, WICKED! Bottles that twist off And dew covered leaves Fresh grass clippings In a lawn mower bag A beautiful sunrise Over the hillside Getting a kiss from The person you adore YEAH! OH, WICKED! OH, WICKED! OH, WICKED! OH, WICKED! Rainbows, puppy dogs Cats taking naps Fresh picked flowers And a lemon scented candle My Nana's peach cobbler A pocket full of change Driving 'round town With the windows rolled down! YEAH! OH, WICKED! OH, WICKED! OH, WICKED! OH, WICKED! OH, WICKED! OH, WICKED! The first day of spring! At the beach! Not a cloud in the sky! Fuckin' wicked... OH, WICKED!
Bassettee 01:54
Down! Deep inside The ocean dark and blue A distant howl Will call out to the true Searching through the shadows And low-lows On a mission To expose those evil foes Sent here to rescue The weak and distressed No one knows how The Bassettee exists This just in… out swimming in the open surf and sea. Greater than Flipper mixed with Lassie. Fighting for aquatic justice and peace. It's the almighty, Bassettee! Love! The most loyal Loving underwater friend Plays games But never forgets to defend Don’t worry How this marvel came to be Praise and swim With the mighty Bassettee Grab an ear flipper And follow the guide The joyride through The low-low tide This just in… the Bassettee is on a hunt across the globe for all evil doers and will not stop until all injustices have been brought to justice. You do the crime. You do the time Shabam!
Trusted 01:40
Trust when tricks Turn to hide who lied You’ll spotlight all truth To see inside To have confidence in something or to believe in someone To hope and expect that something is true An arrangement in which a person or an organization controls property Or money for the benefit for another person or organization Or controls property or money for its own benefit Life is tasteless With fools in fragrance Trust the flagrant They're cruel Savvy and lewd Trust the fiction And don't be suspicious When the prize you find inside Is a lie
Wasteland 02:16
Losing traditions In order to move to towards future Resist the risk to exist And emphasize a predicate Concern for the conscious Will interfere, just let ‘em As it will always depend on Some kind of vintage vengeance To slay and slew the words they sent An avenue to get out Unethical truths Immoral laws For free will We have the choice And we all gotta go some time To make room for the new crop Young people wake the fuck up The world’s moving around you AND I'LL HOLD MY DISGUISE SUNSET TO SUNRISE And everyone was so inviting As the electricity played Behind their heads Wages of fear and death Drift to the depths In the night on earth Stories of mysteries Murmur swiftly To naked prey "There’s fire on the plains, hey!" Watch two of us As we fall headed to the gallows Of something stranger Than paradise We can’t see light now Caught in contempt Through the sawdust and tinsel The tin drums play out The story of floating missiles With bottles of rum We can’t miss ‘em The clash of anticipating Conversations happens on Gloss coated wood A three tier mirage A percussion to dodge Boxed out windows And neons glow Bowed glass From the chains below No, don’t expect us to be excited With a dark and evil road AND I'LL HOLD MY DISGUISE SUNSET TO SUNRISE There are two types of drinkers Those who socially drink And those who do it for effect Or that's just what they think Fucking wasted Rubbing two pennies together In their mind It seems clever Wasted rubbing two pennies together That’s what they’re worth Those dollar signs are underlined On their cardboard signs Those dollar signs are underlined On their cardboard signs End of the day wasteland End of the day wasteland End of the day wasteland End of the day wasteland
Hype 01:36
Awwww yeah! Come on, come on! It's time to stand up! Come on let’s go, yeah! Dust and Ed are back again With the brand new sound Giving you those chest pains again Get your feet off the ground! Awwww yeah! Come on, come on! You’re in the hype zone! Come on let’s go, yeah! What year is it today? 2018 or 2033? You think this is a dream? Then let us hear you scream! Awwww yeah! Come on, come on! Put your hands up! Come on let’s go, yeah! In the hype zone! You’re in the hype zone! You’re in the hype zone! In the hype zone! Are you hyped yet? Triple hyped threat? That’s right! That's right! That's right! Awww.. get hyped! Uh-heh… SO SOAKED


A wicked Bassettee trusted the wasteland hype.


The album started off with five isolated bass lines recorded by Edward and he sent the tracks to Dustin to add drums. The rest came together swimmingly.


“Wicked” by So Soaked is about things that may not always be considered wicked, but we think they’re wicked! What’s something wicked to you that others might not think is wicked?

“Bassettee” by So Soaked is about a crime fighting mythical creature that lives in the deep blue sea known as the Bassettee. This mammal beast is half basset hound — half manatee. Need some rescuing? SHABAM!

“Trusted” by So Soaked is about emphasizing the definition of the word. Can you be trusted with trust? 🖕

“Wasteland” by So Soaked is about pollution, toxic waste, and other destruction being done to the world. The stream of consciousness lyrics reflects a society consumed by consumption and devastation for instant gratification and self-purpose. Everyone has to selfishly make it in this world. We need to avoid the evil roads to make it out of this wasteland.

“Hype” by So Soaked is about hyping you up while also trying to hype up each other before the end of the song. Are you in the hype zone? Did you make it in? It’s totally okay if you didn’t make it in the zone hyped. Maybe next time!


released May 9, 2018


So Soaked 💦
Bourbon Weather [ bourbonweatherproductions.bandcamp.com ]
DUSTWEST [ dustwest.bandcamp.com ]

This music is best listened to when under or around wet conditions. Immerse yourself in water with the sounds made by So Soaked.

Written, Recorded, and Produced by So Soaked
Edward Norwood and Dustin Erickson

ED • Vocals, Bass, Slide Banjo
DUST • Vocals, Drums, Guitar, and Keys

Mixed and Mastered by
Jason Paris - soundcloud.com/parisinstereo


all rights reserved




Creatively collecting the dust in Oregon.

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